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How to buy

A quick guide on how to setup your wallet to be able to purchase The Transplant Coin

It takes a few steps to buy some Transplant Coin but well worth it for the opportunity to buy early on before we start listing on more exchanges and list on more websites. The more exchanges we are on the more people will buy driving up the price; so BUY NOW. If you are struggling reach out to us on Telegram.

1. Download and install the MetaMask Wallet

Once you have installed Metamask it will ask you if you are “New to Metamask”. Click the “Create a Wallet” button.

2. Add the Binance Smart Chain Mainnet Network to MetaMask

If you prefer to watch a quick video you can click below:

3. Add the Transplant Token:


4. Send Smart Chain BNB to your MetaMask wallet

There are multiple ways to send BNB to MetaMask. Most use an exchange to buy BNB then send it to MetaMask. It can be tricky as there are 2 different BNB Tokens. You need to make sure it’s BNB Smart Chain as this is what is used for your gas fee on PancakeSwap. You can Swap any token on PancakeSwap for Transplant Coin but you must have a little amount of BNB Smart Chain in your wallet to do the swap. If you are having trouble converting your BNB (Binance Chain Tokens) to BNB (Binance Smart Chain Tokens) you can use send your BNB to a Binance Wallet and then send them from there to your MetaMask Wallet and it will automatically convert your BNB Tokens to BNB Smart Chain Tokens

5. Swap your BNB or other crypto for Transplant Coin

Now you are ready to go and can swap your BNB or other crypto for Transplant Coin. Once done, you will see Transplant Coin in your MetaMask Wallet.

(*As of now 11/5/21 the Transplant Coin logo will not show up until we get more trading volume.)